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Darren Stone
BDS Liverpool, GDC number 73437.

Dr Stone qualified from Liverpool University in 1997 and joined Whitefriars House in 2006. His main area of expertise Minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry (MICD). He is a Platinum elite level Invisalign treatment provider as well as holding a position as a clinical speaker for Invisalign, teaching and mentoring other dentists and orthodontists in using this technology. More information about the invisalign treatment can be found here.


Minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry (MICD)

Our aim is to make your teeth look as good as they can while doing as little to them as possible.

Why take a MICD approach?

Most forms of restorative cosmetic dentistry involve the removal of either a little or a lot of the healthy tooth in order to replace it with something that looks better. While this is acceptable where damaged teeth need their appearance improving because of problems such as breakages or fillings, we prefer not to use this approach on healthy teeth that simply need their appearance improving.

So if that’s what we don’t do, what treatment do we provide?

MICD can be as easy as a course of tooth whitening treatment and nothing more. However most people will find fault with other aspects of the appearance of their teeth. It may be a little chip here, a gap in the teeth there or lots of overcrowded teeth. All these problems can be addressed with a Minimally Invasive approach. Whether it involves bonding the very latest hybrid tooth coloured filling materials to replace broken/worn parts of teeth, rearranging all the teeth with our virtually invisible Invisalign braces or anything in between, we have the experience and techniques to provide the answer you are looking for.