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Dental Examination and Check-ups

At White Friars House Dental Practice we like to take time with our patients.  Your initial dental examination will be an opportunity for us to listen to your wishes and concerns in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

If you are apprehensive of visiting the dentist then rest assured, our dentists are all extremely experienced at treating nervous patients and will endeavour to ease you fears with a caring and unhurried approach.

After thoroughly examining your mouth, your dentist will carefully explain if any issues have been identified and what treatment options are available. You will be provided with a full, written treatment plan an estimate at the end of your visit.

A dental check-up is very important as it provides a regular opportunity for your dentist to examine your mouth for oral disease such as tooth decay, gum disease and oral cancer.

If problems can be identified at an early stage then the remedial action required may be quite minor. In the long-term a regular check-up not only plays a fundamental role in prevention of disease and maintenance of oral health but could save you the expense of further, more complex treatment.